Petri Wilhelmsen is a Vice President in Dolittle; specialized in leveraging graphics and real-time rendering to model and simulate complex real world systems.

He started his adventure on an old Commodore 64 and quickly realized that graphics programming is awesome. Since then he has made sure to render stuff in realtime with every chance he gets.

He was an MVP on XNA and DirectX before joining Microsoft, and he recently moved back to the Nordics after working with Mixed Reality and Graphics in Microsoft Corporation, Redmond.

On his spare time he develops a realistic space simulator called Reentry, sailing and spending time with his wife.

I’m a Tech enthusiast who enjoys building things with code. My focus is on Microsoft technologies and graphics programming, and I have my depth on Microsoft Azure, Mixed Reality, Unity, DirectX, OpenGL, XNA and .Net.

I enjoy speaking at conferences and have delivered keynotes and multiple sessions at Build, GDC, NDC, Tech Days, MSDN Live, Microsoft Cloud Camp, TechReady and so on. I also was part of the The Agenda Committee for NDC Oslo for many years.

I enjoy talking with developers, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

3 Responses to About

  1. Robert says:


    I red your arcticles about writing shaders for XNA. I noticed that you are familiar with the demoscene and I have some questions that nobody could give me an answer for.
    I’am always wondering if binaries that presented on demo parties can contain references to headers like Windows.h, the Direct3D api or if they write all the code themselves (creating windows, drawing objects).
    I hope you can give me some answers on that.

    Thank you,


  2. QyYqpeopHG says:

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