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Kinect Fundamentals Tutorial Series is updated to Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0

I have rewritten the entire Kinect Fundamentals tutorial series to cover the new Kinect for Windows SDK 1.0. All code have been rewritten and changed so make sure you read these if you want to learn the 1.0 version or … Continue reading

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Kinect Fundamentals #4: Implementing Skeletal Tracking

Hi and welcome to tutorial #4 in my Kinect Fundamentals tutorial. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can implement Skeletal Tracking using the Kinect SDK for Windows API, and how you can move a cursor by using … Continue reading

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Kinect Fundamentals #3: Getting distance-data from the Depth Sensor

Now that you know how to use the RGB Camera data, it’s time to take a look at how you can use the depth data from the Kinect sensor. It’s quite similar to getting data from the RGB image, but … Continue reading

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Kinect Fundamentals #2: Basic programming

Our first Kinect program will be using XNA 4.0 to create a texture that is updated with a new image from the Kinect Sensor every time a new image is created, thus displaying a video. Note: This tutorial has been … Continue reading

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Kinect Fundamentals #1: Installation & Setup

Welcome to the first part of my Kinect Findamentals series. In this series, we will look at how you can implement your own Kinect-applications using XNA 4.0. Update: This tutorial has been updated to using the February 2012 version of … Continue reading

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Kinect for Windows SDK available

The Kinect for Windows SDK is available, so feel free to try it out and see what you can make. I tried the API and like it a lot, easy to understand and follow. See the launch event and video … Continue reading

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