Mage Defender

Mage Defender Deluxe was created as a remake during a workshop/presentation I had. It was made pretty fast but I decided to share the source anyways.

In the game, you will need to defend your castle at all cost. Shoot the enemies that move towards you with multiple spells and strategies to take them out one by one. After each wave, you will be able to visit the shop to upgrade abilities, buy new spells, mana/health potions and upgrade your castle.

The original game was a DOS game made by Dark Codex in 1999. You can play it directly in your browser here:

The new version contains more enemies, spells, upgradable castle, skill points, attributes, homing spells, controllable spells, many enemies with basic AI and much more.
The game works with the XBox360 controller, just connect it to your PC and play.

You can find the source for the game at GitHub:

Click the “Download as zip” button to download the latest source.