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XNA Shader Programming source now on GitHub

As with the Commodore 64 programming tutorial series, I have now moved all the source from my XNA Shader Programming tutorial series to GitHub. The XNA Shader Programming series goes through the theory and the HLSL implementation of various effects … Continue reading

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Farseer Physics in XNA 4.0 for Windows Phone #1

In this tutorial series, we will go though some of the basics with Farseer Physics Engine 3.3.1 to implement physics into you 2D games. To get started, go to and download Farseer Physics Engine 3.3.1 to your computer. With … Continue reading

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The Making of Binary Man

This post is about how the Windows Phone game “Binary Man” was created. It will explain how I came up with the idea, how it was made, the levels, the enemies and so on, and also how it was ported … Continue reading

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Binary Man is released

I’m happy to announce that Binary Man is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Note: A new update is currently being worked on where a few typos in the intro comic and the story will be fixed. You are … Continue reading

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Project Binary Man–Trailer 2

Project Binary Man is a 2D-side scrolling game for Windows Phone. You are a digital-superhero controlled by a scientist who must be able to recover LarsOtek’s new mainframe system. The game is actually a combination of an action-shooter game and a … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 game with source: Escape

I just quickly ported the game Escape (created in this tutorial) to Xbox 360. The code is quite similar with two exceptions: – I had to handle the safe limit zone and various screen resolutions– I changed the controller from … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Creating a XNA 4.0 game for Windows Phone 7.5

Note: This tutorial is still a WIP, but I decided to release it just in case anyone needs it. Enjoy! In this tutorial we are going through the process of creating a simple game from A to Z using Visual … Continue reading

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