Binary Man is released

I’m happy to announce that Binary Man is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Note: A new update is currently being worked on where a few typos in the intro comic and the story will be fixed.


You are a digital superhero controlled by a scientist, who must be able to recover LarsOtek’s new mainframe system – taken over by hackers.
The game is a 2D side scrolling game, and actually a combination of a action-shooter game and a puzzle game, where each enemy is a puzzle itself. The more effective you can kill the enemy, the more points you will get.

The game let’s you control Binary Man, fight through bugs, chunks and blocks of data in a digital world to reach your destination. It starts quite simple, but gets harder and harder.
Each level is rated with five stars, where a one star is bad, and five stars is perfect and stored both offline and online (if connected).

The trial mode gives you access to the first four levels for free.

Binary Man gives you
– Each level is a part of the story
– World map with 6 worlds
– Total of 26 levels
– Many enemies, each a puzzle on it’s own
– Bosses
– Rated performance with starts, both local and online high scores for each level

Binary Man is a game by Wilhelmsen Studios
– Created by Petri Wilhelmsen
– Comic is created by Paul Wilhelmsen
– Music is produced by Egil Hasting and Andreas Skaarung

Check the trailer

The trailer for Binary Man : Attack of NonyMou5

Get the game here


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2 Responses to Binary Man is released

  1. Sixr says:

    Ser lovende ut! Skal teste det ut litt mer grundig, men førsteinntrykket er bra.
    En liten ting, i about-menyen så kan du nå gravity option delen, uten å se overskriften helt, bare knappene. Kanskje flytte på gravity så den ikke kommer inn i bildet fra feil meny.

    • digitalerr0r says:

      Setter stor pris på din feedback! Skal legge inn en fiks for dette i neste update. Tror jeg ender opp med at det ikke går ann å trykke på den så lenge en ikke er på riktig meny.

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