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Todays Silverlight 2 presentation

I had a silverlight breakfast-presentation named "Let me show you how easy it is to use Silverlight!"¬†for Avanade today, where I coverd a lot of the basic topics in Silverlight, some Balder3D and Silverlight 3. The response and feedback was … Continue reading

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Balder 3D

Einar Ingebrigtsen has made a huge job on revitalizing Balder, a 3D engine with Silverlight as one of it’s target platforms. Einar invited me to join the development team, and I seaid yes. So, now I’m a part of it … Continue reading

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Project Mage Defender

Mage Defender: Remake A few months ago, I started on a really simple game using Microsoft Silverligt, Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Expression Studio. The game is called "Mage Defender" where you are a mage, who defend differend castles and … Continue reading

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