Balder 3D

Einar Ingebrigtsen has made a huge job on revitalizing Balder, a 3D engine with Silverlight as one of it’s target platforms.
Einar invited me to join the development team, and I seaid yes. So, now I’m a part of it all 🙂
We got plans on impementing support for many different platforms, making Balder3D a cross-platform engine, including XNA. Right now I’m busy on implementing the lighting functionality, making things shine! It’s quite a challange, but thats what we like, ain’t it? 😉
More information, a live demo( you will need Silverlight installed ) and a screenshot can be seen on Einar Ingebrigtsens blog: Revitalizing Balder
You can find the project on CodePlex/Balder.
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