Grill Simulator 360

Grill Simulator is still under PlayTest. I have only delivered the game to PlayTest one time, but I guess its time to upload a new version.
I tried to fix some issues with the save and load functions, but it was hard without a memory unit for the XBox360. So, I got one from the shop this other day have tried to get everything I can on saving and loading bugs.
In this new version, I have fixed quite many minor bugs. Also, I made it possible to turn off the ingame music, playing SFX only, so now you can listen to your own music in game 🙂
Other changes:
– Made it a bit easier to navigate the game
– Added a bigger, better and more complete in-game tutorial
– You can now use all the controlers to play the game, not only the one in slot 1.
– Added a few more items and clothes
– More robust Save/Load rutines
– New in-game music on the way
I would like to recommend every developer on the XBox360 to get a 2nd hardrive or at least a memory unit in order to fully debug and fix the bugs that one might encounter when writing the save/load functionality for your game.
Here is a short picture slideshow from previos versions of Grill Simulator:
1 – PocketPC 2003 version


Windows version, using C++/DirectX 9.0

And finally, Grill Simulator 360 for XBox 360:
What’s Grill Simulator?

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  1. I really enjoy your blog! I am a crazy keen angler so this blogs are really appealing to me. Cheers.

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