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Tech Coffee: Azure Digital Twins + HoloLens: Powering the Next Generation of IoT

Tech Coffee is a series that aims to introduce you to a new technology in less than 20 minutes. In this post, we will get an introduction to digital twins, and some of the terms and technologies needed to create … Continue reading

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Apollo 11 HoloLens 2 Demo from Microsoft Build 2019

The Microsoft Build Conference just took place in Seattle, and I will be creating a couple of blog posts regarding content from Build 2019, but first, I’d like to share this little demo that was presented. In this video, Andy … Continue reading

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Reentry – An Orbital Simulator available on Steam

My space flight simulator Reentry – An Orbital Simulator is available as Early Access through Steam, and can be purchased on the following link: The game is a realistic space flight simulator based on NASAs space programs; from the … Continue reading

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Project Apollo for the Reentry Space Simulator (UWP)

A quick update from the development of Project Apollo for Reentry. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my project, Reentry is a Windows 10 UWP app that lets you fly the Mercury, Gemini and soon the Apollo spacecraft’s … Continue reading

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XNA Shader Programming source now on GitHub

As with the Commodore 64 programming tutorial series, I have now moved all the source from my XNA Shader Programming tutorial series to GitHub. The XNA Shader Programming series goes through the theory and the HLSL implementation of various effects … Continue reading

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Commodore 64 Assembly Programming on Windows

In 2011, I wrote a tutorial on how to program for the Commodore 64 on Windows. Today, I revisited the entire tutorial series, made changes and published the source on GitHub. I know the old posts had a lot of … Continue reading

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Project Gemini coming soon to my space simulator ReEntry!

Just uploaded the first gameplay video from my space simulator ReEntry! This is still an early preview, but it showcases a lot of functionality. In the video, you will see the launch from the astronauts perspective. You need to flip … Continue reading

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How to develop augmented reality apps with Vuforia for Windows 10

I recently published an article on developing Augmented Reality apps using Vuforia on the Windows Developer blog and thought I’d share it with you. “Augmented Reality is a way to connect virtual objects with the real world, making it possible … Continue reading

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Practical DirectX 12 – #5: Getting started with the DirectX Math API (Win32 + UWP)

Welcome back to the DirectX 12 Programming series! DirectX 12 has been out for about a year now and is getting very mature. Developers around the world has started adapting to DX12, and porting their engines to it. Even Unity … Continue reading

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[Video] DirectX 12: Resources Barriers and You

The DirectX 12 education channel on YouTube are frequently adding new videos to their learning collection. If you haven’t yet checked it out, and want to understand DirectX 12, you should take a look and explore this channel. Anyhow, I … Continue reading

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