Project Gemini coming soon to my space simulator ReEntry!

Just uploaded the first gameplay video from my space simulator ReEntry! This is still an early preview, but it showcases a lot of functionality.

In the video, you will see the launch from the astronauts perspective. You need to flip switches to power various systems, configure the spacecraft for launch and monitor the instruments during ascent.

Once in Orbit, I use the OnBoard Computer to configure the orbital parameters to enter a circular’ish orbit, before setting it up for rendezvous and burn to reach the target satellite named Agena. Once close to Agena, you can use the radar and the encoder to communicate with it to turn it on, configure lights and so on before docking with it.

All switches are functional, but a lot of polish and tweaking is needed.

The goal of this simulator is to make you learn how the Mercury and Gemini spacecraft’s worked, the technology used to reach orbit and rendezvous. To fly this, you can use the real manuals and checklists provided by NASA, or use the in-game academy.

Hope you will enjoy this little video!

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1 Response to Project Gemini coming soon to my space simulator ReEntry!

  1. Andy Dunn says:

    This looks like an awesome VR opportunity… I dont think people realise how tiny the space is.

    Great job on reproducing all those controls. Looks great

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