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Tech Coffee: Azure Digital Twins + HoloLens: Powering the Next Generation of IoT

Tech Coffee is a series that aims to introduce you to a new technology in less than 20 minutes. In this post, we will get an introduction to digital twins, and some of the terms and technologies needed to create … Continue reading

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Apollo 11 HoloLens 2 Demo from Microsoft Build 2019

The Microsoft Build Conference just took place in Seattle, and I will be creating a couple of blog posts regarding content from Build 2019, but first, I’d like to share this little demo that was presented. In this video, Andy … Continue reading

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How to develop augmented reality apps with Vuforia for Windows 10

I recently published an article on developing Augmented Reality apps using Vuforia on the Windows Developer blog and thought I’d share it with you. “Augmented Reality is a way to connect virtual objects with the real world, making it possible … Continue reading

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4k procedural graphic: Marching Embryos

Just finished a 4k procedural graphic. The image is generated by an executable file with the size of 2.74 kb. The image is generated by raymarching simple distance fields, and perlin noise. Platform: WindowsAPI: OpenGL / GLSLCode: digitalerr0r of Dark … Continue reading

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Procedural landscapes using Perlin Noise

A few years ago I read the article “Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU” in GPU Gems 3. It covers a way to implement random landscapes using Noise, a great read if you are interested. I’m just in the … Continue reading

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White Lavender – A surface journey on the Mandelbulb fractal (video)

A Mandelbulb fractalThe function I implemented is a bit wrong but the output was OK, running on about 30 FPS in 800×600 🙂 Only diffuse and specular light is used when rendering. Rendered using DirectX, Shader Model 4.0. Programming: digitalerr0r … Continue reading

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Raymarching on the GPU

For the past six months, I have been spending quite some time on producing images using only the GPU. Just wanted to share some of the images I have created. Click the images to enlarge.   If you want to … Continue reading

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