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Fundamentals of Fractals 3: The Sierpinski gasket

The Sierpinski gasket is a fractal and a very basic fractal of self-similar sets, a mathematically generated pattern with similar patterns. The Sierpisnki gasket is typically generated using triangles, but you can render any shape you want in the space, … Continue reading

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Fundamentals of Fractals 2: What is a fractal?

There are many answers to this question, but let’s take a look at the common definitions:”A set of points whose fractal dimension exceeds its topological dimension” -Paul Bourke”A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split … Continue reading

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So, I was looking at this picture of a friend of mine, and I left it open while reading my mail. 20 minutes later, I was about to close the image and I noticed her feet. uhm?

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Screenshots from my old games

Hi,   I was going trough my old project files when cleaining up my drives today, and found some old games that me and my friends have created back in the old days. I decided to put them up here, … Continue reading

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Transmittance Part IV

Ok, more updates on my transmittance shader!   I updated the transmittance app where I fixed some more on my shader, fixed the sync issue between the two depthmaps, and added a specular light. The result can be seen below:   Left: without … Continue reading

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Transmittance Part III

Ok, I got a little bit longer this morning, and got the Beer-Lamberts law function correctly implemented, and it looked a LOT better when it worked correctly. I had some issues with distance and how the absorbtion was calculated, but … Continue reading

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I had a request on writing a tutorial about Alpha maps using shaders, and this tutorial will be written tomorrow. But after yesterdays workshop, I had some thoughts about transparent objects, reflection and refraction.   We usually code a transparent … Continue reading

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XNA RGB Refraction Shader

I implemented a HLSL shader in XNA during the past few days and i’m pretty satisfied with the outcome.   The shader takes a few parameters like the usual light position, normal map, cube map and so on, but the most important … Continue reading

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Depth of Field

A while since last time. I have been pretty busy with work and graphics programming. Trying to make a nice demo for The Gathering, in April.   Also, next week is my final week in Avanade. I’m pretty exited on … Continue reading

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Dynamic Environment Mapping

Used some time to implement a GLSL shader that handles Dynamic Cube Mapping. I’m using a FBO to render the scene to a CubeMap texture, and then a shader maps the CubeMap as a texture on whatever comes trough the … Continue reading

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