4k procedural graphic: Marching Embryos

Just finished a 4k procedural graphic. The image is generated by an executable file with the size of 2.74 kb.

The image is generated by raymarching simple distance fields, and perlin noise.

Platform: Windows
Code: digitalerr0r of Dark Codex

Download EXE (Various resolutions)
Download PNG (1680×1050)

The download contains the image, as well as EXE files for various screen resolutions.

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5 Responses to 4k procedural graphic: Marching Embryos

  1. Ricki says:

    The executables just crash my comp. Have Vista Ultimate 32bit SP2, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX260. Upgraded drivers a couple of months ago. Could the drivers be too old?

    • digitalerr0r says:

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. I added new EXE filse in the archive, could you try if these work? And what do you mean that the computer is crashing? How isit crashing? Thanks. Anyone else having trouble running this?

      • Ricki says:

        I tested the dcc_embryos_fix_*.exe files with the same result. The gfx-driver crashes, causing dcc_embryos to hang after changing to the desired resolution, with a black screen.

        I was running debugview, but there was no output 🙂

  2. Modern Art says:

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