Project Mage Defender

Mage Defender: Remake

A few months ago, I started on a really simple game using Microsoft Silverligt, Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Expression Studio. The game is called "Mage Defender" where you are a mage, who defend differend castles and outposts. The game is a remake from one of my earlier DOS games, and was a suitable game for learning Silverlight.


Project status: In developement.

You are a mage, who are protecting castles and outposts from enemies.

Each castle got a damag indicater, that must not be zero or less. For every enemy that pass your shoulds, the castle will get damaged. These damages can be repaird on level up.
For evey 10th level, you will be moved to defend a different castle. You can buy stuff from the shop, and increase skills and stats during levelup.
Watch out and kill enemies who attack your post.

Damage – More destructive spells
Speed – Faster casting
Defence – You will take less damage when hit by enemies
Wisdom – You use less mana pr. spell

Level 1: Fireball( deals damage to enemies)
Level 5: Iceball ( damage + slower down enemy)
Level 9: Acidball ( damage + poison on enemy )
Level 10: Shield( Use space to put a shield around you. When shielded, you will not loos HP, and enemies attacking you will loos HP)
Level 13: Energyblast( Deals damage to every enemy that crosses the spells path )

Move: Use the mouse
Cast spell: Left mousebutton
Browse spells: [A] and [D] to cycle troigh known spells
Use shield: press and hold [Space]


You need Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 to play the game( a popup will ask you to install, if you don’t have it when loading the game )

Play the game: Mage Defender

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