Project silvershine, Week 1

Project Silvershine – Week 1
Project status: Implementation start
The design phase for this project has ended, and it’s time to start implementing the game, engine core, scripting, graphics, game logic and so on.
Team: Dark Codex Studios
  • Programmer: Petri Wilhelmsen
  • 3d artist and textures: Thomas Beswick, Lars
Engine: DeBreeze 3.0 by digitalerr0r
Engine status: Started from scratch before this project. Most engine-components are re-implemented since DeBreeze 2.0.
Language: C++, DirectX9
Release date: N/A
Price: Free
In general:
This game will take place in a fantasy world, where you will enter the mind of Annunhirièl, a female elf. Her ship got attacked by a dragon, and you wake up near a cave on a beach.
The game is divided into chapters, where each chaper will be released seperatly.
Objective: Defend your cave/home and survive untill you are able to find a way out from the beach area.
Week 1
Ok, Visual Studio 2005 is glowing in front of me, and the exitement of starting on a new project can be seen all around the world. Maybe not, acctually.. the thougth of starting a new project is more like the feeling you get when you are in the army. You wake up in the middle of the night, and you see a blured vision of your captain standing with his head inside the tent, screaming and shouting. As soon as we all wake up, we get ordered to move our tent 5cm to the right.
Well, there is alot to do, and I got no other choise to do than to start writing code. The Animation module needs to be implemented, collision detection, input system, sound system, shader handling, scene/level handling, particle sysems.. +++ all needs to be implemented before I can start with the game logic.
Luckily, with The Verve in the background, confident in Thomas making his 3D-models in time, and the fact that I have made these things a few times before, the thoughts inside my head quickly turns into source code. After a long time, we got animations, a temp player character, some terrain, one really huge club( weapon ) renderd in our characters hand, collision detection with terrain and alot more.
Thats it for today. I’ll blog as soon as there is something more to blog about..
btw, I will also post a picture from the game on every post, so you can see how things look. Please bring some feedback and your opinions if any!
Todays picture
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