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Modern Art Using The GPU article

Just wanted to quickly mention that my article “Modern art using the GPU” article for SDJ was published earlier this year. The article is based on my previous tutorials for XNA 3.1. As the article is based on XNA 3.1, … Continue reading

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XNA Game Programming presentation at The Gathering 2010 source

    First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for showing up at Marius B. and my presentation on XNA Game Programming today. As promised, this is the sourcecode for the example application we made.. so, enjoy! 🙂   … Continue reading

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Beginning XNA Game Programming workshop

I will have another private XNA Workshop for a new/young norwegian game dev. team this evening. The agenda for tonight will start with a quick introduction to XNA and how you can use the XNA Framework, and tools, to push … Continue reading

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Going to the MVP Summit!

I got my tickets/flight for the MVP Summit 2010 Conference in Seattle! 😀   Looking forward to my first time there, hear whats new and to speak with fellow MVP’s, so.. who’s going?

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Fixing the missing file( SkinnedModelPipeline ) error when compiling Mage Defender: Remake

I got some feedback that there is a file missing from the project, so I uploaded the file and it can be downloded below.   To fix this issue, follow these steps:   1 – Download the missing file by … Continue reading

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Mage Defender, XNA Game with source

Mage Defender RemakeToday, we released the newest version of Mage Defender, created in XNA as apart of Thomas Beswicks and my "Creating a game from A-Z" presentation held at Game Camp, 03.09.2009. Note: The download-URL for these files will change( … Continue reading

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SaveState not working?

As you might have experienced when using XNA, some of the render states are set incorrectly when rendering sprites with SpriteBatch or when rendering a model using a shader. Remember, SaveState is a heavy process so use it only when you … Continue reading

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Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP

 I got the Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP Award, so from now on and at leaste one year ahead, I will be an MVP!   So, thanks to all of you for reading my blog and participating on Game Camp User Groups/Events, and … Continue reading

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Translation of my XNA Tutorials have asked for my permissions to host a copy of my shader tutorials, and translate them into multiple languages: French:  English:   This is just the first tutorial, but my other tutorials will also be added when they … Continue reading

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Game Camp User Group: 03.09.2009 ( Might change )

The next Game Camp User Group will take place on the following date: 03.09.2009! ( Might change )   Get ready for some nice presentations( a flyer will be made soon ) and a cool program. This event will be … Continue reading

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