Beginning XNA Game Programming workshop

I will have another private XNA Workshop for a new/young norwegian game dev. team this evening. The agenda for tonight will start with a quick introduction to XNA and how you can use the XNA Framework, and tools, to push out some graphics on your screen.
The session will be about 3hours long and I will make sure you guys get a good start using XNA! 🙂
– Introduction to XNA
– Rendering 2D
– Audio
– Rendering 3D
– A quick overview of using the built-in shaders
– Creating custom shaders
– A quick overview of networking and live functionality
All topics will be a bit brief, but giving enough information to get started.
After the workshop, I will post a FAQ, sharing the questions i received during the workshop.
Many of you have been using the private sessions game camp is offering you. If you want a private session for you and your team, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to dicuss this, free of charge ofcourse!
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1 Response to Beginning XNA Game Programming workshop

  1. Cah Vitale says:

    Hi! Do you have any example of XNA , texture and kinect?

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