Final Fantasy XIII

So I got my Collectors Edition of Final Fantasy XIII for XBox360. I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition to PS3, but when I went there to get it they said they got too few. But still, got the Xbox360version and it works great! Been waiting for this since like 2006!
Anyhow, if you are an owner of the PS3 verison of Final Fantasy XIII, be sure to register as a member and your copy of the game using the code you got in the box. Doing this, you might get a promotional code that you can use to apply for betatesting of Final Fantasy XIV!! The code can also be used to get a secret ingame item in Final Fantasy XIV.
1 – Go to this site and register as a square enix member:
2 – Register your game using the code you got in your box
3 – Check your e-mail!
4 – If you got the promotional code, go to step 5, if not.. do something else
5 – Register for betatesting here:
6 – Remember, when copying the code from the mail, and pasting it in the field, the last digits will be missing. So, type the code yourself, and don’t include the spaces.
7 – Submit and.. wait 😛

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