Translation of my XNA Tutorials have asked for my permissions to host a copy of my shader tutorials, and translate them into multiple languages:
This is just the first tutorial, but my other tutorials will also be added when they are ready, so if you want to read my tutorials in other languages, check out this site in case they are translated.
Thanks to everybody who have hosted a copy of my XNA tutorials( with my permission ) and/or a translated them. This means the tutorials can reach out to many other XNA users, letting even more people know about XNA and use it as a tool for making their own games. Keep it up guys!
As I have said before, I got two tutorials comming. Due to the lack of time these have not yet been posted, but will be after the summer. This is because I have used a lot of time on work as I was going to have a long summer. So, please stay tuned for some great tutorials afte the summer, starting with a kicking Game Camp User Group at NITH, August 25th!
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