Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP

 I got the Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP Award, so from now on and at leaste one year ahead, I will be an MVP!

So, thanks to all of you for reading my blog and participating on Game Camp User Groups/Events, and a special thanks goes to Einar Ingebrigtsen and to Rune Grothaug for helping me on the journey.
I will do my best to be a good MVP for all of you.. 🙂
Now.. back to my vacation.
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6 Responses to Microsoft XNA/DirectX MVP

  1. Catalin says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to the Club!

  2. Marius says:

    Big grats from us at NITH 🙂

  3. Stefano says:

    Many Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work!

  4. Jesús Bosch says:


  5. Hurra says:

    Congratulations=)vacation? hmmBjørnar

  6. darren says:

    well done

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