64k and Solskogen

I decided to visit Solskogen( solskogen.demoscene.no ) next weekend, a demoscene party in Ås. I hope it’s gonna be cool 🙂 Sleep in tents, BBQ, play NES, watch demos and just chillout with fellow sceners 😛
Anyhow, our 64k engine is progressing. Can’t say much about it, except that it rocks ;P Been working with GLSL as well, and I must say it’s a good Shader Language!
I decided to work alot with procedural textures and models, in order to create an interesting 64k Intro for The Gathering 2009, so be sure to check out this site for some screenshots and so on.
Yeah, I know this post was boring, btw.
Oh, and Illuminatics ( Web site ) won the Norwegian Game Award, congratulations.
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