The power of the L-Systems

I have been waiting for an oppertunity to play around with my own L-System engine for many years now, and because of my latest results within the topic, I’m finally there! 🙂
All you can see in this picture is rendered with my new L-System engine( The water and the cave are not based on a L-System function ), including a leafless/dead tree, some mushrooms and some other flowers with leafs and the flower itself.
My next challange is to find a way to render some leaf’s on the big tree, add some grass and some more plants to make the small island nicer and more magical.
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3 Responses to The power of the L-Systems

  1. Thomas says:

    just add fertilizer, that will make the leaves grow! :p

  2. Steffen says:

    Looking great! One question though, how about texturing the tree/flowers/leaves, you can do that right?

  3. Petri says:

    Acctually, they are textured, just a little bit hard to see in this picture ;P
    haha, Sabotender 😛

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