Just a quick and dirty blog from Huntington!

The trip from Oslo->London->LAX went well, and after a really long stay in the skies we found California.
After checking in at Tokyo Grand hotel, we went to Universal City/Hollywood and ate a really nice steak at Hard Rock, Universal Studios, before getting some sleep! It was really crowded because of halloween, horror nights at Universal Studios and so on, but thats just cool ;P

So, here I am.. My first full day here in LA is soon over, and I am at Huntington Beach with Einar. Going to spend this night at their apartment, a really nice place by the sea, drinking some mexican and american beer, chill-out and see the city around Huntington. I spent most of this day with Christopher in Santa Monica, before meeting Einar, where we checked out the surfers, the beach, the pier and some shopping. Didnt see David Hasselhoff though.. 😦

So far, Los Angeles, Huntington and Claifornia looks really nice 🙂

Anyways, better get to the city before its too late. The PDC starts tomorrow, can`t wait 🙂

(Still) Have a good night!

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