VSTS 2010 == Happiness

After a quick tour around VSTS2010 I realized why it can be defined as happiness.
I’s a big release particular focused on Test and Architecture, including alot of new features.
First of all, the bug template is enhanced where we (finally) got a rich text editing box on the defect history, and a detailed view of all the steps and tests that was executed and processed before and while the defect took place. But thats not all, a video is acctually recorded during the process and links to different points in the video timeline is added with each step, so you can always see the bug happening on your own system (how many of you have recived a test-report, thinking "It’s working on my system, so its probaly just nothing.") in the video, with a screenshot, a full overview of the system info AND thread info at that time is stored so you can always see exactly what system and it’s stats the defect was tracked on. No more excuses for not being convinced the bug really happened, right ;).
It’s not very cool when you wake up in the morning, have your coffee and noticed someone have checked in errors in the code. VSTS2010 have thought about this.
When editing a function, or writing code, you can acctually see a test impact view with a list of all edited functions and all affected Unit Tests on each function. Handy or what? And, when checking in code, it will be validated with Gated Check-in, resulting on no more broken builds ;P
As part of the build process, we now have an Architectual validation consisting of layers with functionality. Arrows from one layer to an other will tell what functions can call other functions and classes. With the Architecture Explorer, you can visualize your system code. If thats not enough, you can generate sequence diagrams( UML ) by just right-clicking a class and tell how many steps you would like to include. This helps us ensure the quality of code and that the code follows a particular architecture before checking in, minimizing "The Butterfly Effect".
I would also, lastly, like to mention "CodedUI tests". With this functionality, you can acctually record all steps you make in the UI, like setting a search criteria, select different options, generate code for the test and make asserts about the results( UI regression. tests ).
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