PC-Demo: Amplexus Primordia

The Gathering is over, and I want to thank everybody who stepped by the Creativia Workshop area, and joining #tg-creativia @ EFnet! I belive we helped many ppl with OpenGL, DirectX, XNA, HLSL, GLSL, music, art and so on and I guess there will be a stand next year as well! 🙂
Anyway, our PC-Demo, Amplexus Primordia was released and ranked 4th! I’m very satisfied with this as the level on the competition was quite high. We got a lot of good feedback like:
"Amazing progress over the last year. Keep it up! "
"Great! your progress is amazing and inspiring! "
"Certainly the "breakthrough performance" of this years’ TG. Congrats guys 🙂 "
This gives a lot of motivation!
Want to see the demo?
I have uploaded a youtube version of the demo as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd-mTKsrKxk
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