The Gathering 2009

Just wanted to share some pictures taken at The Gathering 2009 🙂
An ocean of computers.. over 5000 😉
From left to right: Steffen aka. kroz, Egil aka. higen, Petri aka. digitalerr0r( yeah me 😛 ),Thomas aka. sabotender, Stian aka. Gifster, Lars aka. RawBacon and Paul aka. MadeInPixels. Egil and me suffers from .. too little sleep and too much coding but im happy with this years The Gathering, we had lots of fun, and won some prizes 🙂
Me coding some last minute( those last minutes went on for 9 hours, after most of the group went to sleep 😛 ) changes in the democode. Sabotender is making faces in the background.
After many hours at the stand, im ready to do some more coding and getting our demo done.
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