XBox360 Performance Monitoring

I have seen many different ways students and others are making to check the performance of their xbox game, and some statistics, whom do not know that XNA Game Studio includes a tool to do exacly this!
The tool is named "XNA Framework Remote Performance Monitor" and can be found under Tools in XNA Game Studion 3.0 on your start menu. This tool is really valuable for any XNA Game developer so use it 🙂
So, how do you use it??
Set the xbox to wait for connection in xna game studio( on your xbox ).
1: open the tool from the start menu( on your PC ):
Enter the assembly title of the project( can be seen in Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs in you solution overview.


When clicking OK, the game will start and statistics will be displayed!


Thats it 🙂

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  1. WILEz says:

    Why in the Device space i can not point to anything?

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