Game Camp user group went great

Yesterdays Game Camp event went great. The amount of participants was much higher than anticipated so I’m really satisfied!
I started on my Shader tutorial, and will continue this next time as well.
The audience consisted mostly of students from NITH, both developers and game designer.
The fun thing was that I got some great feedback from the game designers, as they got an introduction to what they can expect from a game programmer when designing a game. Also, Thomas gave them an update on iBeast, Project Silvershine, showed us how a design document can look like and game design in general.
One of the teams that I had a workshop for showed up as well, and after the event, they showed me the game they were working on. They had successfully managed to implement the technique I learned them, and it was fun to see how much they had progresses since last time. Good work guys!!
Anyway, I got some plans for the next event, where we will focus on how to get an idea, design it, make the graphics and implement the game, and publish it. I’m looking forward to this presentation, but first I will need to create a cool game for the presentation. So, be sure to check this out!
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