Tutorials on Artificial Intelligence

I was thinking that I want to start another tutorial series, but this time on Artificial Intelligence in XNA!
I see there are many topics and questions regarding this on various forums, and as I know something about AI, I might as well get it on paper and share it.

Is this something that would be interesting?

Note: This does NOT mean that my shader tutorial series will stop.
Anyway, my visitors have left and I’m back blogging, coding and writing tutorials.. 🙂
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9 Responses to Tutorials on Artificial Intelligence

  1. Alex says:

    Oh please please please do some tutorials about AI! I am just starting to get into it and I would love to see what choices you make. Do you know what type of AI you would be delving into?

  2. César says:

    That would be great. Your shader tutorials are amazing, some people just post the code and they think it is already a tutorial, but you explains very well the fundamentals and principles behind the techniques. Tutorials on AI will be very helpfull. And, by the way, a sugestion about your shader series: I would love to see some tutorials that cover parallax occlusion and displacement maps.

  3. Petri says:

    Thanks for the response and feedback!I was thinking game AI, like states, different ways to solve pathfinding, problem solving, different ways and tricks reagarding AI and games and so on. Starting simple and moving to a more advanced level over time.. :)And I\’ll see what I can do about displacement maps and parallax occlusion! 😉

  4. darren says:

    If you would like any help with AI, if would be glad to help.I think the tutorials you have made so far have been a great help to many.Keep up the good work. It has not gone un-noticed.

  5. Petri says:

    Darren: that sounds like a good idea! I havent had too much AI, just a year at school and some on my spare time, but I find it an interesting topic, and I guess I can learn i well by writing tutorials. Lets discuss this more?

  6. Persio says:

    I consider this great initiative, because many lack information about this topic. I bet you always have all the strength of the community.Congratulations to the shaders tutorials and good luck!!!

  7. Stijn says:

    I\’d love to see some topics about AI!

  8. Stefano says:

    Very interesting idea!!!Keep up the good work

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