Game Camp 3. September 2009, be there!

It’s just one week before the Game Camp user group for Septemner 09 starts. The agenda just got nailed, so get prepared for some good sessions and join us for a nice and free evening at NITH. 🙂

The event starts at 18:00 and lasts to about 21:30, but feel free to attend to whatever session you like!

18:00 – 19:00
  “Creating a game from A-Z” by Petri Wilhelmsen and Thomas Beswick
19:15 – 20:15
  3D Game engine design by Einar Ingebrigtsen
20:30 – 21:30
  Hvordan får pengestøtte til spill by
  Tumbleweed Interactive


  • Petri Wilhelmsen/Thomas Beswick will talk about creating a game from idea and implementation to publishing using XNA, giving you the full source-code for the game.
  • Einar Ingebrigtsen will talk about creating a 3D engine.
  • Tubmleweed Interactive will come and talk about how you as a indie game developer can get founding-support for your team and projects. This session will be very important for all game developers hoping to one day create a killer game.
How to get there:
Norges Informasjonsteknologiske høgskole (NITH)
Schweigaards gate 14, 0185 Oslo


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3 Responses to Game Camp 3. September 2009, be there!

  1. Jesús says:

    there will be an online transmission of the event?

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