Dragon Age

I got my copy of Dragon Age Origins this other day, but are still waiting for the release on PS3..
So far, the game is really great. Back in the earlier days I played a lot of Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter nights and I’m sure this game will be just as great. At least I’m hooked so far.. The graphics is awesome!!!
I’m playing as a Human Rouge, going for archery for a start, but guess I will try all the start stories to see what’s the most fun and then move from there.
Anyway, I spent a few days in Finland earlier this week as I’m on a project for Nokia, and will be going back there tomorrow so it won’t be much time for gaming.. Guess Dragon Age got to wait a few more days..
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1 Response to Dragon Age

  1. Henrik says:

    Enig as! Har prøvd sånn trollmann jeg as. Kanskje litt treig start, men skal nok bli action med syke effekter og genial historie etterhvert! 😀 <a bid="Pancakestars.com/">I want to eat your pancakes!</aa?>

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