nVidia 3D Vision

I tried my nVidia 3D Vision device today, and I must say my first impressions was over all expectations.
I takes about 10 seconds before my eyes are adjusted to the depth but after that, the experience is great. I could see the cars in Need for speed shift pop out of my screen, tires after a crash blasting towards my face, making me dodge. I also tried Fallout 3 and Dragon Age, both really really great in full 3D!
But, what will you need to use these? Well, first of all, you need the nVidia 3D Vision kit and a compatible 3D card( I think you will at least need a geforce 9600GT ). Also, you will need a monitor with 120Hz, so you get 60Hz pr eye. The monitor I have is a Samsung 2233rz, and it work great with the 3D kit.
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