An update on Game Camp

Date: 28.04.2010
Time: 18:30
Where: NITH, Galleriet, Oslo
Map( new window ): click
We are going to have sessions on Windows Phone 7, an introduction to XNA Game programming, Creating games with Unity and a Photoshop speedpainting session.
This gives you brand new technology and the tools and information needed to get started with with it. Also, Wictoria Nordgård will hold a Photoshop speedpaint session, giving you some of her tips and tricks on speedpainting, and will be good supply for the artists/concept artists out there!
                                                  A drawing by Wictoria.
..and ofcourse, it’s all free AND open for all! 🙂
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  1. Extremely decent website with beneficial tips !! I comply with you each and every day !!

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