Binary Man–Shield Bug Guide


Binary man is just about to get released. During the game you will need to take out a number of enemies as effective and fast as possible. To kill an enemy, or a block, you will need to shoot it is strategic positions with the right color (floot filler).

One of the first enemies you encounter where you have different kinds of solutions is the Shield Bug.

The Shield Bug is a enemy surrounded by a blue shield. If you do it the right way, you will be able to take it out with 4 shots.

Taking out the Shield Bug


Approach the Shield Bug by either from the top, or the bottom as he shoots straight forward.

Many tend to start by using the purple color on the gun. This will result in being able to kill the Shield Bug with five or more shots as one of the eyes (the right eye) is not connected to the shield in any way.

1) However, if you start with Gray shot first, you’re off from a good start.


2) Now fire of a Purple shot to remove the face.


3) Then Green to remove the eyebrows


4) And lastly, fire off a blue shot to kill it.

And there you have it! Good luck with the rest of the enemies in the game!

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