Project “Dinomites”

Just decided to share some screenshots from my upcoming game “Dinomites” (yes, it’s a project name). I participated in the Game Development Competition @ The Gathering 2012 and got 2nd place. Smile



2nd place at The Gathering – me with the star wars t-shirt Smile with tongue out

The game
The goal is to roll the egg from the start position to the scout (long neck):

Image is from my sketches using PowerPoint

You have to use different dinosaurs to get to the goal. Each dinosaur got a different functionality like throwing the egg in the air, bridge builders, inverse gravity and so on.

Each level is rated by a star. You can complete a level without getting any stars at all. But if you want to do the “little extra” in each level, you can hunt for bugs.

Each bug you collect give you a star, and each level contains five bugs.
Image is from my sketches using PowerPoint


In-game screenshots









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4 Responses to Project “Dinomites”

  1. Looks pretty cool mate! Keep up the excellent work 🙂
    So, I guess it is for Windows 7 Phone?

  2. Tom Anderson says:

    Are you planning to release the game? Seems really cool!

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