Support Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile, a classical point ’n click adventure game on Kickstarter!


Some of the guys behind awesome games such as Anarchy Online, Pets vs. Monsters, The Secret World, My Kingdom++ has gone live with a classic style, hand-drawn adventure game (hence Day of the Tentacles, Kingdoms Quest, Sam & Max, Indiana Jones) on Kickstarter.

Being a big fan of these types of games, I found it right to spread the word to help them make this project a reality. I really want to play this game and see what’s behind this strange setting of a story.

It seems like the game takes place in what looks like the typical American 20s, with art that gives me the good old adventure game feeling – and it seems to include magic, what more can I ask for?

We need more classical adventure games, so if you are an adventure game fan like me, you should help them by supporting them on Kickstarter:



The Story (copied from Kickstarter):

In Norse Noir: Loki’s Exile, players take on the role of one Lars Kristiansen, an immigrant from Norway to the United States who is facing rough times. Once a low-level courier for the local mafia famed for his amazing luck, Lars is now relegated to making money as best he can as a street magician, offering shows three times weekly at the local watering hole The Cold Trout. After a sudden change of leadership in the local racket Lars has found himself scraping lately to make ends meet… ends that may be coming a lot sooner than expected.

In-game screenshot In-game screenshot

Our story opens with Lars in dire straits, tied to a chair in the back room of the local pawn shop and staring down an angry mobster with a chip on his shoulder and bat in hand – Apparently he’s missed a few too many payments on an outstanding loan he owns, and the mafia is ready to collect. After a brief encounter with the lethal Swahn sisters, current overseers of the city’s underbelly, Lars is given only a few days to scrape together the rest of the money he owes, or it could be curtains.

In his quest for cash, Lars quickly stumbles across a series of events that leave him questioning himself, his friends, and even the very nature of reality itself. With muscle-bound mooks breathing down his neck and a mysterious pendant that seems to be making him public enemy number one, Lars is going to have to do some quick thinking, fast talking and probably some swift running if he wants to make it through this adventure!

With a solid focus on fun, humorous writing, Loki’s Exile aims to be a family-friendly adventure title that appeals to all ages.


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