#GameDevLive–Episode 1: Creating a game from scratch!


I decided to create a new video tutorial series for you guys, #GameDevLive! The purpose of this series is the help you get started with game development and Unity 3D, while we develop a full game.

Episode 1 is all about getting you started with Unity, and creating a little game from scratch, while the next episodes will build on this game introducing more concepts of Unity, taking you to an advanced level of Unity game development.

You can follow OmegaDish on Twitch to see these episodes live, while providing input, suggestions and what features will implement – be part of the development! Smile

Right, enough talking, let’s get started!

Download the tools you need here: www.unity3d.com 
Download the source here: https://github.com/omegadish/DishGame

Also a special thanks to Bredholy for helping me with editing and the Twitch channel!

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2 Responses to #GameDevLive–Episode 1: Creating a game from scratch!

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