Project Silvershine – Day and Night system

Project Silvershine – Day and Night system
A day and nigt system is vital to this game. We got alot of functionality that is only avaiable during night, and others that only are avaiable during the day( what this is will be a secret 😉 ). Implmenting this is a hard thing compared to my knowledge, but I have come up with a solution. I created a shader that checks what time it is, and interpolates different textures based on this. so if its night o’ clock, render the night texture, if i’s evening or morning o’clock, render a blend of the night and day texture, and if its day, render the day texture. I will also make ajustments to the light settings, but for now, take a look at the screenshots to see how this look like:
As you can see, the ground and lighting is quite similar, so this aint very good YET. But anyways, you can still see if its day or night 😉
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