Project Silvershine

Project silvershine – Better textures and enemies
Just came home from Hamar, where Thomas and his consept artists created some cool things and designs. He also created better texture for silvershines landscapes.
I’m really satisfied of this weekends outcome, considering how much have been done in so short time, great work DCS!! Better character handling, more animations, enemy handling, artificial intelligence, better models and textures are in place. We also decided that Lars R. shall be our dedicated normal map designer, and will create most of this games normal maps!
Next is more AI, crafting systems, combat and landscaping( add plants, trees, rocks ++++). We also need to figure out how the implementation of cut-scenes will be most suitable in our situation, guess it will be real-time and not rendered, so you who are going to download this game wont need to do a 2gb download.
As you can see from todays screenshots, things start to improve!!
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1 Response to Project Silvershine

  1. Thomas says:

    very good stuff! up here in Hamar we have been heavily working on rocks and trees 😛 also I have fixed some animation bugs on our heroine.

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