Grill Simulator 360

Grill Simulator 360

Lately I’v been working alot on the Grill Simulator project for XBox 360. The game is progressing quite fast atm, but I have to take a break next week due to a Military thingie. Anyways, I decided to share some screenshots of the current progress.

Project details
Name: Grill Simulator 360
Platform: XBox 360 and Windows
By: Dark Codex
Release date: lol..
Multiplayer: Yes, but maybe not in the first version
Version: 0.1
Description: The game will be released at the XBox live marketplace( hopefully ) and be available for download there.
You live a life behind the grill. Your goal is to eran alot of money and be the BBQ. Champion. To get there, you need to start at the low level, bbq some food, sell them on the street, research new equiptment and food, get popular, post ads around, move to better and more populated places and earn money. You also have to create and represent your grill team, and compete with others.
Buy clothes that will attract the right customers, learn neat tricks for flipping your brurgers, 360, 1080++ and impress the audience by being the best. At some occations, you can get missions like be the grill-master at a wedding, or grill ALOT of sausages for a kids birthday, can you handle the small kids constantly asking for more?
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