NordTech 2009

NordTech 2009 is over and we sure had a great time!
NordTech is a kick-off Avanade have every year where our fellow collegues from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway meet. It’s a really great event where I had the chance to meet both new and old collegues over good food, beer and SPA. This time we met in Ystad Saltsjöbad ( A nice Swedish SPA hotel by the Sea ) and took a plane to denmark/Copenhagen and the bus from denmark to sweden/Ystad.
During this event I had a Silverlight and XNA stand where I on a big screen showed other interessted collegues the silverlight project I had, Microsoft Surface, and my XNA projects ( Grill Simulator ) and how Shaders can be made.
I had many visits on my stand and recived a lot of good feedback 🙂 Cool to see that many ppl. interessted in your projects!
Anyways, I also got one of the Employee of the year awards( in all the nordic contries ) and won a nice iPod NANO ( the newest model ) and an Avanade bath-coat. 😀
Thanks for a nice weekend.
The GameCamp is also over and the rumors said it went really well. I’m sad I could not make it there, but next time I will! You can read more about this on , on Einar Ingebritsens blog and on 🙂 Nice work!
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