The hacking of Nectarine

Thanks to all donors, it might be a possibility that Necatrine( ) will be restored again.
The site was hacked a while ago, and alot of damage was done:
"This morning a script kiddie hacked nectarine.
He did post a hint on the vulnerability in the oneliner before trashing everything.
The whole Database is deleted, backup too. The only one i have is from august.

The vulnerability was coming from multipage class i used.

My motivation is too low to fight against lamers again.

If you are a donor, maybe could you unsubscribe your paypal donation.

Sorry guys, but i don’t have enough free time to restore everything and i don’t have enough money to pay hosting alone.


Yes aka Christophe"

For more information:
I really hope they manage to get everything in order, as this site was a highly-popular site, that I’ve been using for many many years now.
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