WPF now and the Future

Just a few quick words on WPF now and the future. If you navigate to codeplex.com/wpf you can see some new neat stuff that just got announced.
WPF is finally going to have better support for DataGrids, where each row in the grid can have a RowDetailsTemplate that shows up when drowsing trough the templates.
So, today you can take a look at the following WPF goodies:
-Calendar control
-DataGrid control
-DatePicker control
-Visual State Manager
The Visual State Manager lets gives the designer an oppertunity to create different states trough a States Panel in Expression Blend, and the coder can simly jump between states with VisualStateManager.GoToState(this,"JumpToState", true);
Say you have one state that is "Logged in" and an outer that is "Logged Out", each having different controls and animations, you can easily let the state manager handle what to view in different situations. Pretty cool!
Also, another neat thing about VS2010 is that it is going to use WPF, so you can create custom controls and use them directly in the code view f.ex. If you think that all your comments in you code look messy, like:
/// summary
// sd
// ssa da
// sdasd
you can create a WPF plugin that replaces those with a nice custom userfriendly UI!
WPF is also going to support better interop with DirectX and XNA, Shaders and so on.
Well, I’m of to the Silverlight Mobile session..
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