DirectX 11

So, the next directx SDK will be available( beta ) in about one week. Can’t wait to get my hands on that 🙂
I just listened to Allison Klein talking about Direct3D and the new version will have alot of cool features.
Older Hardware
Fist of all, as you might already be familiar with is the way you write applications to support all kinds of hardware.
So, if you want to write applications that will run on older DX9 H/W as well, you could use the DirectX10Level9 features. As you might know, DX10 and DX11 got rid of the CAPS hell, so how does this work on DX9 H/W that still use caps? It’s pretty simple, they haven’t really thrown away the caps in this situation, but they have made it really simple. All the caps informatio have been reduced to three levels, where level 1 is the lowest, level 2 includes level 1 with some additions, and level 3 is everything( DX9 ).
So what about even older hardware than DX9 compitable hardware? Direct3DWARP10 is the solution for this, witch is a software rasterizer that is 100% conformant with DX10 and is 100 times faster than Ref! Not bad??
So, to sum up, you can create a directx10 device targetting different hardware with setting the target type to either D3D10_DRIVER_TYPE_SOFTWARE( Direct3DWARP10 ), FEATURE_LEVEL_10_1/ 10_0 / 9_3 / 9_2 or 9_1.
DirectX 11 features
DirectX 11 also got an improved Multithreading Usage that will work on DX10 H/W with updated drivers! Thats cool!
Aother cool thing is that they will introduce two new BlockTexture compression formats; the DC6( 6:1 comp ) and BC7 ( 3:1 comp).
Some other features of DirectX11 is:
-Dynamic Shader Linkage and OOP
-Addressable Stream Out
-Draw Indirect
-Pull-model attribute eval
-Improved Gather4
-Min-LOD texture clamps
-16K texture limit
-Required 8-bit subtexel, submip filtering precision
-Conservative oDepth
-2GB Resources
-Geometry Shader instance programming model
-Optional double support
-Read-Only depth or stencil views
-Compute Shader
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