Workshop on Ocean rendering today

I’m having a Workshop on "How to implement the ocean" for a few students who are creating a XNA game for Dream-Build-Play 2009. In this workshop I will talk about reflection, refraction, cube mapping and how to model/generate waves using a vertex/pixel shader, including foam generating on top of big waves!
The students who are attending to todays workshop are acctually traveling from OPIM, Hamar, almost 200km, to learn what they want. This is really cool! 🙂
I will also try and write a tutorial about this session later, so you who cannot come to the workshop can get something from it.
There are many students who have used the opportunity to use me as their mentor during their projects, and asking me for help and workshops.
If you and your team want to learn anything specific, please send me an e-mail and I will gladly try to set up a workshop either physical or over a live meeting/web cast.
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