Some updates

Been another busy week and another to come as we are in the middle of going live on the project I’m working on, but I still managed to use some time on XNA. I have been working on the next Game Camp user group we are going to have, and on Balder.
The next Game Camp user group will contain a session by me and Thomas Beswick where we go from getting a game idea, designing it, implementing it, testing it and publishing it. The game will be quite simple( but not as simple as pong ++), but still fun to play, with a few levels and so on. The presentation will learn you something about design, what to do with your ideas, how to make concept art and use photoshop and 3d modeling tools to make graphics for you games, and implementing it using XNA/C#. have continued posting my tutorials on his site, and as many as 13 are now added. This is cool as we help distributing them, making more people aware of XNA and its capabilites. Also, some of my tutorials are postet on other sites in various languages. I might make an overview on this blog so you can find them all in one place, but I will need some time to locate them as some are posted without notifying me.
My tutorials on Ziggyware can be found here:
I still work on the HLSL tutorial, but are working on the Artifical Intelligence tutoriasl as well.
The first tutorial will cover some AI in general and what I will start covering in the AI tutorial, and my next HLSL tutorial( working on it now) is covering Vertex displacement. 😉
New to XNA and Want to know more? These pages will get you started!
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