My Computer is about to break down..

My computer is getting bluescreens all the time. I think it might be my HD or my RAM, and have ordered a new HD just to try it and see if it works, as that is a pretty cheap solution. The problem have been going on for about two weeks now and I cant do anything without getting corrupt data and so on..
Anyhow, my HD will arrive next week, and hopefully it will work so I can continue with XNA programming and preparing the game for our next Game Camp User Group meeting, and push out some more tutorials( 95% done but needs some tweaking once my computer is working again ).
Also, as usual, the work is pretty buys now before the summer, so my days are pretty much work, eat, answer mails regarding my tutorials, chill and sleep. I have a very cool assignment at work now, regarding FAST Enterprise Search, which eats away my time anyway so it was good timing that my computer broke down. 😛
I also ordered tickets for me an my girlfriend to Portugal for a Kitesurf camp they have down there.
In other words, my summer vacation is planned and my blog will be without much updates in the following periods:
30.06.2009 – 17.07.2009: Finland
26.07.2009 – 05.08.2009: Kitecamp Portugal
                                                                                   Esposende – Portugal
Hopefully I will get my tutorial out soon, at least one of those I’m working on atm. so you guys get something to do during the summer!
Also, my Artificial Intelligence tutorial have been started and I’m working on Tutorial 1, which will be a short introduction to AI and AI in XNA/Games.
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3 Responses to My Computer is about to break down..

  1. Sindre says:

    Bra du legger kitecampinga på samme tid som sørlandet!

  2. Petri says:

    Yeah, vi hadde ingen andre datoer å velge mellom så da måtte vi ta den datoen der.

  3. Egil says:

    Kurdos for å ha lagt kitecampinga på samme tid som sørlandet!!

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