XNA Workshop

Phew, after a long road of fixing and debugging, my computer is finally working again!!( so far at least … )
The week have mostly been about work, but I had a pretty long workshop on sunday for a norwegian/swedish/finish game programming team, whom wanted to implement shaders into their engine and some more advanced shaders like normal mapping, parallax shading( I will upload the example and write a tutorial about this soon ) and shadows. The session was a great success and we managed to get it all in after 5 hour(ish) of coding 🙂
I will add a QA on this once I get some spare time.
Seems like these workshops get more and more popular as I get many requests( didnt know that many was working on something there in oslo these days, great news!! ), so feel free to send me a mail and I’ll see what we can do! 🙂
Today I held a presentations/hands-on lab with a co-worker on WPF, Expression Blend and Microsoft Surface( yeah we got one 😉 for the summer studends at Accenture Oslo)! I think it went pretty well, some demo effects happened( bluescreen, my computer froze ++ ) but that is quite common when having demos right?? 😉
Our gamecamp game is progressing as well and we are getting quite done the graphics part. I will post some screenshots asap.
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