The Gathering 2010: Submerged

Once again, The Gathering is getting close!
For all of you who are interested in going, there are still a few tickets left for the creative minds. This year’s schedule is going to be kick ass so I really recommend you who are in Norway around Easter to check out this page:
Dark Codex is going 😉
"The Gathering has its roots in the creative culture known as the demoscene, where computers are used as tools to create music, graphics and – of course – demos. Every year we hold different competitions for our creative contestants. New competitions have come and gone over the years, while others have been held in one way or another every year since the first TG in 1992. If you like making cool stuff on your computer, it’s likely that we have something on our schedule that’s perfect for you. If that is the case, we really think you should come to TG to enter the competitions.

If you buy a Creative Ticket for TG, you’ll be seated in a special area reserved for the purpose of getting our creative partygoers together for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, get new friends with common interests, and maybe even get together with someone to create something new and exciting. We will hold seminars on several subjects, for both beginners and intermediates, in the Creative Lounge. Last year we had a workshop area with seminars, helpful mentors and computers available for testing out new software and techniques. With this year’s Creative Lounge, this workshop area will joined with the demoscene area from previous parties, hopefully making for an educational and social experience. While the demoscene may at first glance might seem like some closed society, you can rest assured that we always have room for more creative computer people. If one party a year isn’t enough for you, this is an opportunity to pick up tips on other parties for creative people, and maybe meet new friends to go there with. And who knows, the Creativia crew might even have a few other surprises up our sleeves?"

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