Due to really busy days at work and traveling, I haven’t been able to answer all the mails I’d wish to answer.
I’m now going through all received mails and answering those I can. As there are a lot of mails, this will take some time but I will try to answer all of you!
My time is finally getting stable, so I will get more time doing this.
I know I haven’t been blogging too much lately( still, because of too little time ), but that doesn’t meant I haven’t been able to work with XNA. A tutorial will soon be published, my tutorials are in a process of being translated to many other languages and the XNA Shader Programming Guide will soon be published.
A new Game Camp evening is also being planned for those of you whom are interested in this. This time, we will focus on getting beginners up and running with XNA 🙂
Game Camp will also be at The Gathering 2010, where we will talk about XNA. So, be sure to join the Game Dev compo at TG2010 this year, and let us help you with your contribution. An IRC channel will be set up where you can join and get direct help from many experienced developers, and people who make music, 3d models, textures and so on. I will also be on this channel so you can come here and get instant help with your XNA/programming related issues 🙂
Anyhow, I will be at the MVP Summit in Seattle from 13th to 21st. My plans will have a kick-start after that, so be sure to check back after that.
And to those of you who will be the MVP Summit, see you there!! 🙂
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